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Company Profile

Helvetic Services Group S.A. is a company duly organized and existing under the Swiss law, comprising professional services for corporations.

Our staff is formed by high qualified professionals and specially formed in matters such as, financial advisory, legal and taxation, management advisory, consultancy and corporate services; which allow us to provide an individual, professional service distinguished by its excellency, transparency and secrecy, carried out by competent and fulltime partners all around the globe.

Helvetic is focused in participating as an investor in specific and strategic companies which are defined by our investment committee, formed not only by our staff but by specialized external partner consultants.

Another activity involves raising venture capital for corporate financing and new projects in areas such as hi-tech, mining and biotech.

Our company holds a privileged position to offer entrepreneurs the assurance of a strengthened management within an ever changing and highly competitive global economy. Our private and independent structure offers added value to our clients.


Helvetic Services Group is ruled under the following compliance premises:

- Due Dilligence provide us the correct identification and knowledge of each operation.
- Updated information of the specific business to be developed.
- Procedures according to Swiss regulations in money laundry.

Our clients are individuals and companies of different sectors such as industrial, agricultural, commercial services and financial services.

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